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Married/ Defacto/Same Sex Relationships

Let’s talk about your significant other:

  • Live with you in Australia, but is not a temporary resident and his/her Visa is expiring soon?
  • Lives overseas but you would like them to join you in Australia to live together?
  • Live overseas with you, and now you would like to return to Australia together to live and work towards your shared future goal?

If you fell in love with someone who is in Australia on a temporary visa or who lives on the other side of the world, you probably want to be reunited with one another as soon as possible, and continue your life together in Australia.
Thanks to more cost-effective air travel and the uptake of social media, inter-cultural relationships are becoming par for the course.
As such, Australian Citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand Citizens may apply to sponsor their significant other, whether you are married already, plan to marry or comfortable in your De-facto Relationship, are Heterosexual or a Same-Sex Couple then as long as you can demonstrate that you have a genuine and continuing relationship you are likely able to apply for a Spouse, Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa.

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